Randy Stutz - VP Legal Advocacy, American Antitrust Institute

07 August,2019 - 12:00 pm UTC

When it comes to how effective the antitrust laws are enforced, “the results are more mixed,” said Randy Stutz, Vice President of the American Antitrust Institute. Speaking to PaRR in the 2019 Interview Series, Stutz highlighted a few indicators more is needed including, increasing concentration both at an aggregate level and in specific sectors; higher mark-ups; and the presence of large dominant firms. The agencies are bring some monopolization cases to combat exclusionary practices, mostly in the pharmaceutical sector such as abuse of government process, he said, but overall they are far and few between. In private litigation, the case law around monopolization offenses has become hostile to plaintiffs, who have to produce evidence that is exceedingly difficult to obtain, he explained. Click here to learn more.

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