Big Data is emerging as the core business asset of the global economy. With China’s new Cybersecurity Law a reality as of June this year and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to come into force in May 2018, actionable insight into these regulatory risks is now more important than ever.

Amidst this evolving environment, data protection regulators and executives from across the globe gathered in Hong Kong for the 39th International Data Privacy Commissioners Conference to map out the future of data protection and privacy in an increasingly connected world.

PaRR was on hand as public and private sector heavyweights discussed mechanisms to protect personal privacy while preserving the promise of seamless cross-border data flows. Assessing the risks, rewards and opportunities of this fluid data-driven landscape, PaRR’s event coverage lets you in on the thinking of data privacy authorities as they shape policies with the potential to inspire or inhibit the next wave of technological innovation. 


  • Localization, cross border transfers remain core issues for privacy commissioners, corporates
  • ‘Notice and Consent’ play core role in data protection, privacy architecture
  • Cybersecurity focus diminishes data protection, UK official says
  • Singapore data regulator embraces 'sandbox' to support digital economy
  • US FTC worked with overseas agencies on major data breach case, says acting chief
  • Hong Kong data regulator to revisit local law in light of GDPR implementation
  • Asian data officials advocate expansion of privacy rule system
  • Singapore harmonizing cross border, domestic privacy regimes

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