Pan-European IP Summit 2017

Brussels | December 7-8, 2017
This high-level conference gathers + 450 practitioners to discuss the timeliest IP issues and EU reforms related to patents, copyrights, trademark, design and new technologies.
This 2-day conference is the forum to discuss with worldwide experts on IP trends, attend innovative panels and discover the impact of new technologies on IP.
The key figures: + 100 speakers, + 400 delegates + 30 IP hot topics discussed through workshops, masterclass and plenary sessions.
The 12th edition will take place in Brussels on December 7-8, 2017
Main Topics Addressed:
The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on IP
Industry 4.0 technologies and the data ownership issue
Fair Remuneration of authors and performers via new transparency rules
European platforms and technology
The future of smart robotics
Complete agenda :
Speakers’ line up:
Why you should attend       
Meet the best worldwide IP experts & engage with seasoned speakers
Discuss with EU institutions representatives
Three reading-process with strategic, political and regulatory topics
Network instantaneously through our new app
‘IP Summit 2017’
Additional information:

ECTA Regulatory Conference 2017

29th November 2017
With the ongoing review of the regulatory framework now entering into interinstitutional negotiations, the draft European Electronic Communications Code proposed by the Commission will be centre-stage at this year`s Regulatory Conference. In addition to the core questions of competition and investment at the heart of the reform effort, the conference will also focus on other challenges and opportunities for the European communications sector: from security over cooperative, connected and automated mobility to service integration and delivery.

Through a series of keynotes and panel discussions, senior policy makers, industry stakeholders and independent experts will debate with each other and with the audience about the optimal pathways and right regulatory environment for the EU electronic communications sector to prosper. A discussion among entrepreneurs, the people who brought competition to European electronic communication markets, will provide an industry-led vision of what the new rules might entail and what is required to ensure that future regulation does not obstruct competition for economic and societal benefit.
Find out more by clicking here

5th Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2017

06 December 2017
Cordis, Hong Kong
Corruption remains a grave social problem in jurisdictions across Asia, hindering economic growth and undermining fair market competition. In accordance with its decade of action combating corruption, Duxes will hold the 5th Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2017 on December 6-8 in Hong Kong. The summit will work with leaders in industry and government from across the region in providing a platform to discuss important topics related to anti-corruption compliance. For more information, please visit 

AusBiotech Global Investment Event Series

29th November 2017
In 2017 AusBiotech will be running a Global Investment Event Series, with events taking place in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Australia. These events will connect life science investors with biotech and medtech innovators from across the globe to discuss investment and partnership opportunities. For the latest events please visit AusBiotech website.