The policy and regulatory report (PaRR) is an intelligence and analytical news service that focuses on the development and adaptation of competition law around the world.

We also look into the intersection of global competition law with intellectual property, trade and sector specific policy change in which there is a direct impact on the fair market practices of governments and corporations worldwide.

Widespread coverage

Our coverage spans North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region- with a dedicated team of specialist reporters and analysts on the ground in each region. Because we are part of The Mergermarket Group, we also have access to a global network of over 400 full-time M&A reporters, stringers, and translators.

Our database tracks close to 600 regulatory agencies around the world. This database is maintained by two dozen analysts based in Hong Kong, London, Brussels, Mumbai, New York, and Washington, D.C

Excellent contacts

We have strong relationships with local policy makers, regulatory agencies and legal experts in Beijing, Brasilia, Brussels, London, Moscow, New Delhi, Sydney, Tokyo and Washington, D.C, where our journalists regularly attend high-profile industry conferences and private briefings.

Unmatched coverage of BRICS

We are the only regulatory information providers in the world who provides in-depth predictive intelligence on the possible actions by MOFCOM, NDRC and SAIC in reaction to inward and outward investment activities.

Niche markets

With our global resources and specialist expertise, we cover niche regulatory markets, including technology media & telecom, financial services, energy, trade, defense, and healthcare.

Global Leadership

  • Yana Morris

    Editor in Chief, Global Equities

  • Raymond Barrett

    Managing Editor

PaRR Asia

  • Sonu Mohanty

    Content Manager, Asia-Pacific

  • Yuxuan Li

    China Analyst

  • Andrew Jeong

    Regulatory Reporter, South Korea

  • Shangjing Li

    Reporter, China

  • Qianwen Lu

    Reporter, China

  • David Lore

    Senior Editor

  • Lisha Zhou

    Managing Editor, China

  • Freny Patel

    News Editor Asia

  • Joy Shaw

    Deputy Editor, China

  • Yuriko Nagano

    Senior Regulatory Reporter

  • Arlan Thayib

    Regulatory Reporter

  • John Brokos

    Head of Research

  • Yan Li


PaRR Europe

  • Rachel Mountain

    Head of Content

  • Simon Van Dorpe

    Regulatory Reporter

  • Luuk De Klein

    Court Reporter/Analyst

  • Khushita Vasant

    Legal Affairs Reporter

  • Jeremy Fleming-Jones

    Editor and Brussels Bureau Chief

  • Francesca Micheletti

    Senior Reporter

  • Clara Rosales Rosado

    Head of Legal Content, Europe

PaRR Americas

  • Kathryn Leger

    Senior Legal Affairs Reporter

  • Peter Geier

    Senior Legal Affairs Reporter

  • Linda Szabados

    Senior Analyst

  • Antonia NGuyen


  • John Fuller

    US Newsletter Head/Content Coordinator

  • David Hatch

    Senior Technology Reporter