What We do

Proprietary intelligence on competition, IP and trade laws

Inside knowledge, analysis and comment focusing on six areas that directly impact development of competition laws around the world:

  • Merger Review
  • Cartel Investigations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Abuse of Dominance
  • International Trade & Dispute
  • State Aid & Public programs
  • Other Legislations

Competition-related policy coverage by sector

With increasing government involvement in private enterprise, keeping abreast of current laws and policies in your particular industry is not enough. Our expert reporters cover six industry sectors that reflect high level of government involvement: technology media & telecom, financial services, energy, trade, defense, and healthcare.

We anticipate and analyze  potential policy shifts on your behalf, and closely track the adoption and implementation of regulatory changes.

Extensive Regulatory Database

Over the past ten years, our regional analysts have carefully gathered proprietary data on regulatory reviews of major M&A deals around the world. PaRR’s database organizes this information in a way that allows you to search by multiple criteria and measure risks associated with the regulatory approval process in over 100 countries.

Additionally, a comprehensive case database permits subscribers to search ongoing and past competition- related litigations in all jurisdictions and major industries.

PaRR’s database is the only comprehensive tool on the market for filtering and analyzing the behavior of local regulatory agencies.

Centralized and Aggregated Knowledge

Our team of policy analysts, translators and stringers gathers and summarizes relevant public material from over 400 sources around the world, giving you a centralized platform for relevant regulatory and legal filings, legislation and local and international news coverage.